Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29th 2012/ Ausländerbehörde

Tiny sounds of trashy techno fraping out of small low grade headphones, 
the kind given out on economy flights
worn by a woman with a wet pony tail
in 5 degrees of cold

smoking a cigarette
black leather 3 quarter length button down blazer
domestic denim, boot cut
unidentified trainer
orange rust fleece, zip up mock neck

We are all victims in 

the immigrants wind




Wednesday, March 14, 2012

later on the 23rd


Religious Domestic Esoterique Store
some items noticed:

jesus paraphenalia
             - statues
             - keychains
             -flashing magnets
             - necklaces
rat glue
rat and ant traps
banana clips
bobby pins/hair pins
penis enlargers
relaxation kits
          - eye mask
          - blow up neck pillow

gold + silver chains
shower caps
pagan cross rings


January 23rd 2012, Paris.

Woman all in pink with blue eyeshadow and a high bun wrapped in scrunchy, pink.
listening to Dire Straits
who only sells + repairs radios.
The men who roast chestnuts out of their shopping carts,
well dressed old satin woman with iridescent rouge lips closes her eyes on the metro
dosed off


Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 8th 2012, Berlin


Woman sitting outside

weathered table and chairs

khaki slack

soft black outdoor jacket, good condition

shoes with tread

groomed hair
 a civil grey bob

sloping eye lids
propped up
by lost blues

a bottle of Korn liquor
1 quarter empty 3 quarters full

4 degrees ish