Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 6th 2014

I heard a noise

to the right of me

long haired ponytail biker as well as father

pulls a broken chair out of the pond and throws it to shore

silver legs, drowned white body

long haired dad shakes his head

looks at the fountain in the center of the pond and moves on....moves on

the flamboyant flailing water feature in the center of the pond

meditates on the sound of its own wet breath


independent confidant

joyous exterior

water feature fountain

you mist(ify) me

and my surface

dampen my skin

with calming optimism

of course all the heated pay homage to you

water feature fountain you make me

(fountain springs even higher up into the air)

I am covered in you

you graze on my skin

small beads of you on my flesh

slowly devouring me

heating me up by cooling me down

a slow heavy soaking

a windy brigade charging

and then you stop

turn off

and retrieve back into the murky depths of your reflective facade

oh where did you go and will you come back?






20 minutes later...

Fountain on

and on

and on and on