Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Fragile chamomile
with a slanted stalk of black

Routine less like fuschia
structured like a coffee stained page
Voltaire's Dictionary
upper arms are snowy white
smooth and unaffected
nobody knows about the poetry above the elbow
behind the sleeve
farmers tanned by labour
writers white by thought

you look good in Lees
in dark alleys
fussy sanctuaries

you walk around the same block
how does it look today
a blend of navy,
muddled green
and way late yellow
all overexposed

shake the camera at 100 ISO
you're not there
only your East feet
how are they on the old streets
do they leave behind the same colours as the early years
tungsten yellow
blue time
silver spit
thrasher over a multi sunrise

how are your hands


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