Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January 12, 2013.
Frankfurt am Main

He had a blonde splintery face, doughnut hole eyes, pig like nostrils and where there wasn't skin exposed there was leather and fabrics from the battlefield.
leather  cow boy hat
leather pant with a criss cross tie detail all the way down the outer side of each leg
black scuffed leather army boots cohesive with his timeless army green weighted coat.
The Silver Earring.
The silver earring hung centered between the bottom of his left ear lobe and the top of his shoulder.
The perfect mandala
a silver circle
with triangular patterns engraved, one inside the other
a turquoise stone centered
and a speck of red within its peripheries
"SCHNAPPS!" he says.

To the left a scuffed treble clef of laughter
old plaid man shimmying up the que
his almost bald head protected by an optimistic paper boy hat
freyed aged particles of hair secured by his neck up to the cusp of his scalp, some white, some still black
his head is pitched up at a 45 degree angle
as he cackles an aged sense of joy
scuffling his feet on the linoleum floor
tucked under his right arm
a 26 of cheap Russian vodka
he echos

Two behind is a dusty frau
in shades of charcoal
her head bows down to her change purse
in the corner of her right eye a perfect tear drop
...of white paint

Over the line reaches a chubby arm
(a dry mullet forms a horizon line)
she blindly  reaches over the que and confidently grabs a box of Feiges Früchtchen
the whole box
clang clang

Directly behind a classic mens sweater in tones of deep burgundy, muddled wedge-wood blue, soft black and flecks of mustard yellow knit.
His sunken nervous eyes shed optimism in all of his disbelief
his skinny slacks prop him up as he confides in a simple bag of lettuce and a bottle of cheap merlot
a post-Cohen apocalypse.




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