Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016

Miniature seconds devour future souls
a paper fold declares, "truth behold"
a splintered eye
a hang nail
bite nails
we're all nervous
don't know which way to look
when crossing the road
sentimental briefcase
second hand basket-case
that weathered man wearing a territorial cap
glares through nostalgic frames
and glistens
through his breath
defensive whisper, "what a beautiful day", under the nasty tongue
inevitable sun rises
the banshee is accurately predicted to resurface
cling to the moons sleeve
please don't leave

please don't leave

5 of the 7 earrings are lost
and so we start again
void of an end
pro silver

the morning shall bring
sequin dresses in damp dawn grasses
black tease panty hose resting limp on bedroom floors
chammomile tea


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