Thursday, August 22, 2013

June 3rd 2013


sit right
sit tight
trust that the train is on the right track
direction solitude
direction make life better for you
namaste/amen/horoscopes/prayer rugs/big hugs/saunas and acrobats/ brush shoulders with the old trapeze dream
which ever suites you
which ever helps you on your way
gotta be happy
gotta get it right
do good
feel good
don't slouch
or pout
don't let your heart
take you out
be generous
a good friend
don't walk to far into the wild
nor to close the mild

think these thoughts thoughtfully in your seat on the number 14
direction Ernst May Platz
en route
direction hard times for others
directions alcoholics sitting in the sun like lizards
at the Haltstelle

three men sittin on the pavement
lookin kinda rotten
lookin kinda grim
but lookin kinda patient
I kinda look at him
he kinda looks at me

he's still young under the sun
under leather skin
I don't feel that good these days
I wonder how he feels
and then just at that moment
tungsten sun blazing bright in his crystal blue eyes
the only thing clear to me this day
his eyes

he stood up
while looking away
moved gracefully up to the window
somewhat handsomely behind years of waste
looked in my face
and kissed the glass between my lips and his
only the train glass stood between us
isn't that always the way

he then sat back down on the pavement with a subtle nod
and a soft corner smile
and then he looked away
gently as my train carried on direction setting sun

I smiled
I gleamed
I blushed
I felt ease
who are we
to know who's who
whats what
or how one has become any different then when we begun


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