Friday, August 23, 2013

Rules for Actors

listen to the sound of a record playing before the song starts

and the frapping sounds of bad speakers interrupting your favourite song

listen to the sound of magazine pages ripping out of a magazine

feel the act of gluing

and the sound of scissors cutting

the way a pencil writes words and drags across a page

lead slowly dulling word after word

listen to the murmur of people talking and laughing down the hall in a foreign language

while you sit in your room alone

not more ways then one

listen to the sound of the church bells outside of the window

the sound of distant traffic not to loud but still there

listen to the sound of counting small change on the floor

listen to the sound of a clock ticking ( a minute never felt so long)

listen to the sound of water running through the heaters

they sound like they are working but you are still cold

the crackle of fire and wax from burning out candles

listen to the rhythm of a needle and thread repairing torn clothes

listen to the sound of a stack of books falling as you kick them over in the dim light

on your way to the bathroom

watch Marc Bolan and Ringo Starrs behind the scenes of "Born to Boogie" 1972,

* note this kind of friendship, look at how Ringo sits back on the car proudly as his friend leaps

across the frame so laissez-faire

watch Henry Millers "Bathroom Monologues" note how the clutter of images in his bathroom

are still able to maintain an individual existence even though they communally exist in small

spacial chaos

notice how the breath despite

think about relationships

Fall asleep to the film recordings of Jiddu Krishnamurti any recording

and the next day Chopin Nocturnes No.11

and the rest of the album from that point on

play it out

alternate night after night for a week

think about the significance of the man with an eye patch at the last scene of

"The American Friend" (Wim Wenders)

write out your thoughts

study the female protagonist from "Zabriskie Point"

her long hair

wide eyes

tanned skin


innocent rebellion and willingness

then think about how people say "they can't"

watch Gregory Corso's excerpt from "Fried Shoes Cooked Diamonds"

look at how he has the crowds attention with a t-shirt wrapped around his head

in a dried up field (everything is possible)

Write a letter to someone dear to you from your room

send it

wait the appropriate time for arrival and then picture the moment of surprise that it brings

to the person who receives it at that very (assumed) moment

happy//sad//angry//etc etc

make yourself lonely for a week and then a week later make yourself feel socially overstimulated

for a week

describe the colour palette of both experiences

feel like you have nothing

and then figure out how to make nothing


 take notes.


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