Saturday, August 1, 2015

Flight- Glasgow > Ibiza 07.2015

Synthetic brown
with a violet violent disaster strand
of what once was hair
hair which used to care
hair in which a mothers hand slipped through between fingers
hair which used to allow the wind to pass through
hair which has gripped the hot iron 2 minutes to long

Blue eyeshadow
I thought we were through
me and you
I thought I got rid of you
I threw you out years ago and here you are so bold and blue
trying to make a come back
a modern redemption intention
just look at you
and after all this time

Magenta peek-a-boos
I want to bleach you
mahogany chemically straigtened
synthetic replica your publicly confessing your sins
your turning yourself in

Old lady striving for youth
in pink mesh
and a revelated finger wave


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