Saturday, August 1, 2015

Loneliness in raw denim thrashed against a rock for hours to soften

To be lonely
loneliness is an off balance
a misfortunate blame
an unidentified super natural stake
which can leave one feeling the same sickness as any other equally severe hospitalized speculation
cloudy head
long drawn out stares
high security gated community
a strata of daily narrow minded solutions
in most cases a decent man made rabbit hole
or advanced trespasser
will eventually rip their commited and consistent industrial thread denim
and feel a sense of loss which leads to another sense of realized having
and then at the climaxed bond between the lonely and another thing
there is something
deep down in the grotto
in the damp musty dwelling of the least
there will be a phosphorescence of ease
and inscription of form and hue embedding deep into the weave of the yesteryears
a family album which declares
it is you who chooses to
look at the minimal
as less
or nothing
or only the lonely

Times void will not last forever
therefor try to refrain from pannick
but first let pannick and fear and lack of air devour you
befriend the darkest most rigid fury of pain
and then betray it
and slay it
like the oldest transcribed depiction of salvation
the most massive explosive acknowledgment of victory
recognized through the beautiful simplicity of a thread which hangs on to your body
with everything its got
there is always something holding something else together,
and it always should matter.


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