Saturday, August 1, 2015

The plateau is not against you

Cliffs are futuristically extinct
edges, peripheries and show offs
anarchists and/are celebrities (and vice versa)
vis a vis
the act of waving, coming or going, has become a permanent motor skill, 
like an endearing treacherous tattoo boldly and passionately saying
eviction at a time 
no regrets 
HANDS UP empty your pockets and spread your wily mind so truth can come clean
massive fine
specialized lover has to wait, age, change shape
ice age 
bleak alley waste haze
shock cremate
To begin with
fine sand fondled and sifted through a strangers fingers
blown glass reminiscent of venus in double vision stack upon one another
records the fallen sediment
a re-accuring penalty similar to a hog tied roof rack 
on the hood of a crimson crass convertible
a 4 cylinder red fire bird in the moonlight 
burned out at the brims 
taken for granted is real
dust in the wind burns out with a blaze
won't cause a crime no more
the consequential shadow becomes hotter then the disappointment felt towards the lazy

yes old and set in ones way but there is rev after the most sour infection
chances are not numerical
but limited editions
bidding at an extremely high minimum



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